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example winword_styles_unimacro

This little grammar is rewritten into Docstring grammar style.

Instead of

    gramSpec = ”””
        <showStyles> exported = show styles;
        <updateStyles> exported = update styles;
        <setStyle> exported = set style {style};

The rules now appear as:

    def rule_updateStyles(self, words):
        “update styles”
        # possibility to “manually” update the styles list
        # not needed in normal use

    def rule_showStyles(self, words):
        “show styles”
        # print a list of all valid styles in the messages window
        if self.styles:
            print ‘styles in use: %s’% self.styles.keys()
            print ‘no styles in use...’

    def rule_setStyle(self, words):
        “set style {style}”
        #apply a style to the cursor or selection
        style = words[-1]
        if style in self.styles:
            print ‘setting style %s’% style
            sel = self.application.Selection
            sel.Style = style
            print ‘style not in stylelist: %s’% style

  • Again, with the commands show word styles (Dutch: "toon weurd opmaakprofielen"), or with the command show all grammars (Dutch: "toon alle grammatica's") you can inspect the contents of the grammar.
  • This grammar is located in the DisabledGrammars folder if you installed from the combined NatLink/Unimacro/Vocola installer.