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Specific grammars
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The different commands of Unimacro are ordered in grammar files, and are located in the UserDirectory of NatLink, by default NatLink\Unimacro on the drive you installed NatLink in. Each grammar file contains grammar rules, defining simple and more complex commands, and their corresponding actions whenever a command hits.

Global grammars

Grammar files that start with a _ (underscore) are global, i.e. accessible all the time. You can use commands from these grammars in any window/application (although the grammar may activate/deactivate itself or can be activated/deactivated in some cases).

From release 3.9 on only a small set of grammars is published by default, currently:




This grammar can control the on or off state of other grammars and gives introspection about Unimacro grammars.

This grammar should not be removed from the Unimacro directory, and cannot be switched off by a voice command.


With commands from this grammar you can jump to folders, either in a My Computer window or in a dialog window (like File Open).

With additional commands you can jump to specific files or specific websites.

Switch to a task, as found (and numbered) on the taskbar or as defined by name.

With this grammar you can jump to a specific line in some editable file (for example for programmers), or in Excel (version to come).

Also cut, copy, delete and insert lines, and move or copy lines from one place to another.

A lot of general commands, from which give window info is important for introspection.


Program specific grammars:

There are only a few of them currently, and not displaying by default:



Allows you to browse in Chrome by calling the numbers that are shown by the "Click by Voice" extension written by Mark Lillibridge.


Activate other grammars

If you want to use other grammars, you can move/copy them from the subfolder DisabledGrammars into your UnimacroDirectory.

Also note some grammars will have the initial on flag disabled. You can either switch on the grammar with the speech command switch on grammarname, or change this flag in the .ini file (say edit grammarname)

Minimise your Unimacro configuration

If you only want Unimacro facilities for your Vocola commands, you may want to switch off (remove from the Unimacro directory, by deleting the python (.py) files or moving them into the subfolder DisabledGrammars). You can do this with all grammar files mentioned above, except for

Restart Dragon after you make such changes.

Updating configuration files

If you used some grammar before, but new options have been added, or options changed, you may have to update your configuration (.ini) file. See ini files section for more instructions.