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General information on the grammar bases: classes and subclasses.

Note: this is a more advanced topic, for people who want to delve into the NatLink/Unimacro system!

Each NatLink grammar is a (python) instance of a (python) class that is a subclass of one of the "grammar bases".

Joel Gould provides his "GrammarBase", as superclass for all grammars in the NatLink macro subsystem.

In Unimacro, we provide four other subclasses, that provide increasing functionality. These three classes are described in the next sections.

  • GrammarX provides some additional "basic" functionality.
  • BrowsableGrammar adds the possibility to browse through all the grammars, comparable with the command browser of NatSpeak version 7.
  • IniGrammar adds functionality to use ini files for additional user interaction.
  • DocstringGrammar adds possibility to define rules together with the callback functions, improving readability of the grammar files

Most of the actual grammars in Unimacro are subclasses of the IniGrammar class.

Where can you find them?

  • the above-mentioned classes of Unimacro (GrammarX, BrowsableGrammar and IniGrammar, DocstringGrammar) are in the file ""
  • most of the utility functions are in ""
  • the base class GrammarBase is in link(/installation/technicaldetails/natlinkutils.html,, in the core directory of NatLink

Summary, the files described in this section are:

  • holds the Unimacro classes
  • holds a lot of utility functions