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For user interaction: the IniGrammar class

This is Quintijn Hoogenboom's extension to provide easy interaction between a user inifile and the grammar.

Controlled through commands in the grammar _control, the contents of a ini file can be inspected and edited.

  • Inspecting is done through a temporary .txt file that is displayed in Notepad, or another program that is attached with files of this extension,
  • Changing is done by calling the appropriate .ini file. After editing and saving the file, the changes are updated in the appropriate grammar instance.
  • If the grammar name or the grammar words are changed, the corresponding grammar is reloaded, one utterance later.

Other features of the IniGrammar class:

  • grammar parts for getting a number. Exploited in _number, _lines and in the browsing grammars (firefox_browsing).
  • functions for searching, which can be called from discrete and continuous grammars (_general and _repeat)
  • (new in 2010) numbers lists are converted in spoken forms lists, see numbers page.

To update or not

A special variable 'self.checkForChanges' controls whether the changes to inifiles should be checked for or not. It is switched on when calling such an inifile by one of the edit commands of the grammar _control. This prevents unnecessary checking for changed ini files. On the other hand, opening a ini file manually (instead of with one of those special commands) means there will be no tracking of changes.

The actions.ini file is also updated after a call to edit actions. Howeveer the numbers.ini file is NOT updated in the grammars automatically, you need a restart of NatSpeak.