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Vocola 2 and Unimacro

The position of these two "packages" inside NatLink may be confusing in the beginning. Please first read about the Elevator view in order to understand more about these two.

Next, it is good to distinguish between Global grammars and Local grammars.


Vocola 2

Unimacro focuses on global grammars, commands being on all the time or most of the time. Through the <<meta-actions>> mechanism the actions that commands have to perform can be made specific for different Windows/applications.

Vocola 2 focuses on local command files, commands being specific for some application. With the command Edit commands you can view/edit these local commands.

There are exceptions of course. The grammar Firefox browsing for example is application-specific, but part of Unimacro.

But it is also possible to have global commands in Vocola 2: you view/edit them by the command Edit global commands.

Unimacro has quite a few specific functions (Unimacro Shorthand Commands), which can now also be used in Vocola User Files.

Vocola 2 has the possibility to define functions in its Vocola User Files, for more specific functionality. These functions cannot be used in Unimacro grammars.

The <<meta-actions>> mechanism can be used in Vocola User Files.

This can be most useful in Vocola 2 global commands!



So Unimacro can be used for a lot of Global command grammars, like doing continuous keystrokes, switching to tasks, switching to folders, open files and websites, repeating previous utterances (continuously). The grammars are ready for use, and can be configured through ini files (configuration files) in any normal text editor. Some grammars need maintenance though. This is an open source project...

Vocola 2

Vocola 2 can be used for all application-specific (local) commands that you find convenient to define. Moreover you can also define global commands that you didn't find (or didn't want to find) in one of the Unimacro grammars.