Natlink, including Unimacro and Vocola

NatLink is an OpenSource extension module for the speech recognition program Dragon.

The latest test release works for all current Dragon versions.

In each Natlink release also Vocola and Unimacro are included. Other packages, like Dragonfly, need Natlink in order to work with Dragon.

On this website are the instructions for downloading and configuring Natlink, including Vocola and Unimacro, and a more detailed description of Unimacro. For more about Vocola see the Vocola 2 website.

Work is done on several details before making a stable release at last. For the moment an intermediate release, 4.1whiskey3, can be downloaded and installed.

Doug Ransom is now working on an implementation of Natlink with Python 3. This will take some time though. Python 3 users can install Python 2.7 alongside, and run Natlink via this version. This does not disturb the working of Python 3.

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The Natlink base:

  • Dragon is the world leading speech recognition program, sold by Nuance.
  • Natlink (in the past also NatPython) is an open source project written by Joel Gould in 1999. Several presentations that were on Joels website have gone, does anyone have copies of them? This one is still present, written by Joel Gould in about 2001.

The Add-on packages:

  • The Unimacro project aims to provide a rich set of command grammars, that can be configured by the users without programming knowledge. These grammars that are presented on this website.
  • Vocola 2 is a project that aims for easily making user defined commands. Consult the Vocola 2 website. Note: for Windows Speech Recognition you can use Vocola 3.
  • Read more about Vocola 2 and Unimacro, which to use when and also how they cooperate. Vocola commands can profit from Unimacro features.
  • Dragonfly is a third package, that has been developed in a more modern pythonic way. It is very powerful, but should be installed separate. Note: Dragonfly also works with Windows Speech Recognition.
  • User defined grammars can also be included directly in Natlink.

What is on this site?

  • The installation/configuration section will guide you through the installation details of NatLink/Vocola 2 and Unimacro.
  • The features section explains the powerful things that are implemented with Unimacro.
  • The grammars section is by far the most important for practical use of Unimacro. Most of the grammars are designed to be global, so first look into the global grammars examples.
  • More technical details of the different Unimacro grammar classes and NatLink in general.
  • Finally, About gives information on the authors of this project and the copyright notice, and asks you for a donation.

Demo movies

Some demonstration movies have been made, to show features of Unimacro.

Nearly the last test version, also working for DPI 15: 4.1whiskey3 (December 13, 2018)

See installation pages