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Unimacro test

unittest Unimacro

The grammar provides calls to unittest scripts, which do testing of part of Unimacro functionality.



Unimacro test all

do all the tests, but prompt for each test

Unimacro test {tests}

do one of the tests, do not prompt.


If necessary the tests ask you relevant questions.

The result of the tests is written into testresult.txt" in the *unimacro_test folder. This is a subfolder of the Unimacro folder, which also holds the tests.

Writing new tests

If you want to make new tests put them in the subfolder "unimacro_test" of the Unimacro full. Give them the name and make the class that contains the tests the same name: Xyztest.

Restart NaturallySpeaking before you can call this new test.

The current test names are presented in the pages below.