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Testing the BRINGUP Unimacro shorthand command

BRINGUP is a powerful USC that can switch to several predefined programs as well. Also can be used in task switching.

As a side effect the KW (Kill Window) USC is used and therefore tested.

The different tests can be configured. See the source.

Each of the tests are protected with a YesNo dialog box, so you can refuse each of the tests individually.

For example when you do not use voicecode you can skip these tests.

Programs that are brought up also killed again in the test, except for the ones that are specifically mentioned in the YesNo dialog box.

VoiceCode bringup

This one is more involved: it can be brought up (cmd, the mediator, emacs, the correct user).

After VoiceCode has been brought up the next test checks the user switching. So if the user is different from VoiceCode again this BringUp command switches back to the user VoiceCode.

Call this test with Unimacro test bringup.