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Recognition problem Dragon (12.5, Dutch speech profile)

Period is not followed by space(s) and a capital letter (Dutch speech profile)

In most English speech profiles this problem does not arise. I describe the example for a Dutch speech profile.

When you type, or position the cursor, after a period in your text, the next dictate has no space before and is not this.

Cause: the spoken forms of the "." in a Dutch profile are "dot" and "punt". Like "dot" and "period" of "full stop" in English. This word ".\dot" has special properties, no space before and no space after, and no capitalization of the next phrase. As it is the first in alphabet of the spoken forms, this one is, apparently, taken by Dragon.

Solution: go to the vocabulary editor, and make a new word ".\adot". Give this word the appropriate properties, so 1 (or 2) space(s) after and capitalize next word.

Note: this seems to be a bug in a Dutch speech profile, which was already solved in English speech profiles. I am curious how other languages handle this.