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Natpython is a command and control system for Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS), which was developed by Joel Gould. The glue between DNS and natpython is natlink, a so called compatibility module.

Unimacro is a project in which a lot of useful grammars (sets of DNS commands) are brought together. Extra user information and configuration possibilities have been added like:

  • switching on and off grammars by voice
  • defining "actions" depending on the windows system you work on and per program. In this way grammars can be made "global" ie commands work in all programs, but differences per program are handled through these actions.
  • adding options to a list through configuration files (ini files)
  • viewing the commands (including the user defined lists) of one grammar or of all grammars together
  • making translations in other languages (Dutch now provided)
  • persistence: As soon as natpython (natlink) is switched on all grammars work in all speech profiles. Also information from previous commands can be recognized for future commands.

For several years I have been working on these grammars, together with Ben Staniford and Bart Jan van Os. This was being done in a SourceForge project named unimacro. Now, in 2007, several releases are presented on SourceForge, and although the product can be improved of course, many things work smooth all the time.

For more information please consult link ("", "the unimacro website")test. On this website also some demonstration movies on unimacro can be found.

For comments or questions you can contact QH.