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Programming with speech recognition

Programming with speech recognition is a difficult task, mainly because Dragon NaturallySpeaking is optimised for dictating normal written text. And also because most programming IDE's have no full dictation support.

Nevertheless there are important developments in this field, and QH participates in these.


The most important development is *VoiceCode. The website is down at the moment.

It is open source software, and developed to dictate program code, at this moment in python, perl and C. Php and javascript will follow shortly, possibly also java.

The installation procedure is regrettably quite tough. The only editor in which it works presently is emacs, an editor that is not easy to learn for Windows users. Besides most programmers prefer to work in the native IDE of a programming language.

QH has been working in the past months on a "What Can I Say" feature of voicecoder.


Apart from voicecoder there are other ways to do work in a programming IDE with speech recognition: through a lot of commands, often defined in unimacro.

Also, when working in your own IDE, there are unimacro commands to switch to emacs with a selection of your code, dictate with VoiceCode in emacs, and go back to your IDE, pasting the dictated code.

More information on my page about natlink/natpython/unimacro and on the special unimacro website.