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Changes with new Python 3 release of Natlink

  • Registry setting, in the Python area of registry, pointing to the path where is found, is no longer needed. It will be removed at first run of the config program.
  • Directory layout of the Natlink Core directory has been changed: most things now reside in the natlinkcore directory, which is directly in the site-packages after pip install.
    • The ConfigureNatlink directory is a subdirectory of natlinkcore.
    • The configure scripts are in the Python Scripts directory, and these scripts can be started from the Windows Start Menu.
    • Schematic directory layout:

    - ...
    - natlink.pyd (after the config program did run)
    - PYD: subdirectory where the different natlink....pyd files are kept.
           For Python38-32 and Dragon 15, natlink_3.8_Ver15.pyd is taken
           (copied to natlinkcore/natlink.pyd and registered as dll/pyd)
    - ConfigureNatlink: the scripts that configure natlink, with GUI or with and CLI (Command Line Interface)

  • When importing natlink in a grammar file, use from natlinkcore import natlink (instead of import natlink)