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Testing natlink

The testing of the proper functioning of NatLink (the basics) is not quite easy.

The original script was

Newer tests are in unittest procedures, of which is the central one.

  • It should operate on a (preferably clean) US User speech profile.
  • It should be run from a command prompt or in IDLE.

For nsformat there is a new unit test program, which tests different in different versions of Dragon/NatSpeak.

Presently often the starting and killing of DragonPad windows presents problems. It is tried (new, March 2011) to additional bring the Dragon Bar in focus, relying on the hotkey {NumKey*}.

It is best to restart the computer after doing the tests.

See the instructions at the top of the python file for more instructions. Also for details of failing tests in different (newer) versions.

Unimacro has its own tests.