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NatLink Core Functions

This module is in the Core directory.

The functions are used by, and can also used by other modules.

The most important are:


You can use this function for expanding ~ or %HOME% to your personal home directory, or for other%XXXX% variables.

Note: By default for ~ or %HOME% the value of %PERSONAL% is taken, which points to the default documents directory of the user that is logged in (%USERPROFILE%\Documents). If you want another value for %HOME% (and therefore for ~), you can specify this via the Environment Variables menu in the System Properties program. See an example.

Starting September 2015 also the actual NatLink directories can be expanded, with a similar function in For usage and examples, please see natlinkstatus.

Functions of natlinkcorefunctions:




returns the folder from the calling module (a function like this should be copied into other modules that need this facility)


raises error again, if new_raise is set, otherwise continues executing (for this module only)


gets from os.environ, or from window system calls (CSIDL_...) the environment. If HOME is not set (see above), take PERSONAL for HOME and ~.

Run the module in order to see all the possibilities.


get a dict of all possible HOME and CSIDL variables, that result in a valid folder path


substitute back into a file/folder path an environment variable