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Using the installer program (with inno setup) is not very difficult. It is controlled from the python script, which resides in NatLink/natlinkInstaller.

You need the program inno setup on your computer, and you need to have both NatLink and Unimacro files via subversion (SVN).

Local actions:

Do the following steps:

  • change _version_ in natlinkstatus (Core directory)
  • Update Unimacro and NatLink
  • Commit NatLink
  • Export (a SVN command) both Unimacro and NatLink into a new folder (eg D:\NatLink\releases\natlink4.0)
  • This folder then has subfolders NatLink and Unimacro!
  • Run the script from the file in this directory (D:\NatLink\releases\natlink4.0\NatLink\natlinkInstaller)

The resulting setup....exe will be created in a directory dist (D:\NatLink\releases\natlink4.0\dist) and will be called setup-NatLink-4.0.exe (4.0 being the release number).

Going to sourceforge

  • Next you must go to
  • Login and search for natlink.
  • Go to the files section and follow the instructions.
  • Upload the .exe file.
  • You also need a README.txt file, which shows a short instruction on the relevant download page.