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Batch mode for configuration

Batch mode can be used in order to automate the configuration. The examples below show this, with absolute paths for my (Quintijn) configuration of python and NatLink.

Save the code into a .bat file, and run in elevated mode (Windows Vista and Windows 7).


rem -E disable natlink
C:\python25\python.exe D:\natlink\natlink\confignatlinkvocolaunimacro\ -E

Enable in a standard way:

rem -e enable natlink
rem -n set userdirectory to path
rem -o set unimacro user directory (for user ini files)
rem -v enable vocola with user files in path
rem note: ~ is identical to %HOME%
C:\python25\python.exe D:\natlink\natlink\confignatlinkvocolaunimacro\ -e -n D:\natlink\unimacro -v %HOME%/vocolaqh -o ~\unimacroqh