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log of changes Python 3

Important changes combined installer release 4.0.

(for more details, read txt-files in (folder NatLink)/natlink/natlinkInstaller)

  • Now installs version 2.7.2I of Vocola:

* Changes in version 2.7.2 of Vocola:

  • Workarounds for some Dragon bugs, including the DNS 11 bug where using <_anything> prevents recognition of 0 to 9.
  • see for Vocola 2.7.1 and earlier release notes.

* Unofficial installer modifications:

  • built-in Vocola commands (e.g., "load commands") now available for Spanish, French and German as well as the previous English and Dutch. (see Using Vocola Non-English Languages).
  • Unimacro.vch is automatically updated at start up if the "Vocola Takes Unimacro Actions" option is enabled.

* New in Unimacro:

  • new module, which manages spoken forms for numbers. Enhancements for spelling letters, abbrevs will follow soon. Uses a per language config file (eg enx_spokenforms.ini).
  • many details in for example _tasks, _folders, _brackets

* New in the combined NatLink/Vocola/Unimacro installer:

  • startup script config GUI and config functions now automatically in "elevated mode"

* Changed in NatLink (for programmers only):

  • nsformat adapted to Dragon 11.
  • unittests adapted to Dragon 11.
  • word properties not supported any more.
  • order of loading modules can be influenced in natlinkmain (hard-coded)