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Ini file strategy

From the release unimacro2.6 on (and from natlink3.* releases), user ini files should never be overwritten by a new Unimacro release. Instead a folder sample_ini contains all the default ini files. If a user needs an ini file (actions.ini or a grammar configuration ini file), and it is not yet present, Unimacro tries to find it in the sample_ini folder and copy from there into your UnimacroUserDirectory.

New releases problem:

The drawback is that new entries, mainly improvements in actions.ini file or changed options in grammar configuration files are not updated with a new release. You can either

  • Delete your own ini file, and the sample ini file will be found (possibly after restarting NatSpeak) and copied into the correct location.
  • Inspect the sample ini file and copy relevant lines into your own copy.


A file actions.ini is needed for Unimacro actions. Is was (prior to natlink3.7) in the userDirectory of NatLink (where the unimacro grammar files are).

From natlink3.7 on this file is (expected) in the UnimacroUserDirectory, ie where the user ini files are. If after installation the file actions.ini is not in this directory, Unimacro tries to copy from:

  • the userDirectory (if you upgrade from a previous version of Natlink it should be found there, the file in the userDirectory is removed!)
  • the sample_ini directory of Unimacro (after a first install it should be found there).

If these copy actions do not succeed, Unimacro grammars cannot start properly.

  • Check in the Configuration GUI or CLI if the userDirectory is set correct!
  • Check if you have a sample_ini directory in your userDirectory.
  • As a last resort, try to find an actions.ini file and copy it into your UnimacroUserDirectory.


New in release 4.0 is the xxx_spokenforms.ini configuration file, where xxx is the language code of your speech profiles. So for English enx_spokenforms.ini, etc.

A sample is copied automatically from the sample_ini directory of Unimacro, if needed. At the moment this configuration file is mainly used for getting spoken forms for numbers and lists. This process is done automatically, and fairly complex, so please report any issues that arise.

For non-English languages please provide the community with the correct contents, if your language is not yet in the sample_ini directory.

More information in inifiles and numbers and spoken forms


So, according to the remark above, from release natlink3.7 on, the default file actions.ini is in the sample_ini directory. Changes you made yourself in your own copy are not overwritten when you install a newer NatLink/Vocola/Unimacro release. But you can miss default changes. So, if you encounter problems, check the differences of the sample_ini/actions.ini file and your own actions.ini file in the UnimacroUserDirectory.

If you find empty sections in your inifiles, these are probably new due to a change in a grammar. Please compare carefully with the examples from the sample_ini directory!

Example grammar _tasks

Recently (2010) the taskotherdisplay meta action has been changed. This means that in the file _tasks.ini the following should be changed:

other display = <<taskotherdisplay>>


other display = TASKOD