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Installation of Natlink/Vocola 2/Unimacro Experimental Release with Python 3

  • Use 32 bit version of python, versions 3.7 or 3.8
  • If possible, use python3.8


  • Exit dragon
  • Download and install 32-bit Python 3.8.5 from Python 3.8.5 latest version (Select Add to path install option, and Install FOR ALL USERS)
  • Start menu -> cmd (start in admin mode)
  • pip3 install six wheel future pywin32
  • pip3 install wxpython==4.0.3 (for natlink config GUI program, more recent versions fail to work, for python3.8 wxpython==4.0.7 probably also works)
  • pip3 install dragonfly2 tomlkit mock appdirs scandir pyvda (for Caster)
  • Packages are now all in the dictation-toolbox in github, for packages that are not pipped, I recommend cloning the wanted repositories in one base directory, for example C:\DT
  • Dragonfly and Caster are normally pipped, other packages, Natlink, Vocola, Unimacro have to be cloned for the moment:
    • git clone (In your preferred directory eg C:\DT\Natlink)
    • If you want Unimacro: git clone (into C:\DT\Unimacro)
    • If you want Vocola: git clone (into C:\DT\Vocola) (Vocola2 being the Vocola version for Dragon/Natlink)

Main install instructions, targeted to Caster (as given by LexiconCode):

  • Note: directory "confignatlinkvocolaunimacro" had been renamed to "ConfigureNatlink":
  • Probably you can go to
  • cd C:\DT\Natlink\ConfigureNatlink (With C:\Natlink being your preferred directory)
  • and run

(if this fails):

  • Start menu -> cmd -> Run as Administrator
  • cd C:\Natlink\Natlink\confignatlinkvocolaunimacro (Could be any preferred directory) (so in in elevated cmd window cd to directory where you cloned natlink)
  • cd confignatlinkvocolaunimacro
  • python3 (Requires administration rights)

(and when the wxpython GUI window doesn't want to start)

  • run (which will ask for elevation), or
  • python3 (in elevated mode),

In the config GUI:

  • Click enable Natlink
  • Click enable UserDirectory
  • Choose Caster directory as user directory
  • reboot (maybe not needed)
  • restart dragon

In the natlinkconfigfunctions:

  • press e (enable Natlink)
  • sometimes you need "r" (reregister Natlink)

Vocola and Unimacro:

  • In the config GUI or (CLI) enable these packages. (With the CLI, type u for Usage).