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Installation of Natlink/Vocola 2/Unimacro Experimental Release with Python 3

Vocola and Unimacro work well on the development branch but you are may come across the odd bug.

  • Download and install the latest 3.8 32-bit Python from Python 3.8 latest version (Select "Add to path" install option, and "Install FOR ALL USERS". Save yourself some grief and install it at the root of your c: drive, like c:\python38-32). If you already have a python 3.7 32 bit installation you can use that. (At this time, do not create a Virtual Environment. They do not work with Natlink.)
  • Packages are now all in the dictation-toolbox in github. For packages that are not packaged for a pip install, we recommend cloning the wanted repositories in one base directory, for example C:\DT Instructions below install the source from GIT. Select a folder to host your natlink, unimacro, dragonfly, etc. Below the example is C:\DT but it can be anything.
  • Exit dragon
  • Download the source from GIT
    • git clone (In your preferred directory eg C:\DT\Natlink. We will assume C:\DT in the instructions below. )
    • If you want Unimacro: git clone (into C:\DT\Unimacro)
    • If you want Vocola: git clone (into C:\DT\Vocola) (Vocola2 being the Vocola version for Dragon/Natlink)
    • If you want the development branch of Dragonfly and Caster, clone from their git repositories. Otherwise install them using pip (see below).
  • Install the python package prequisistes:
    • Start menu -> cmd (Command prompt) and Run as administrator). Powershell also will work.
    • Change directory to C:\DT\Natlink\ConfigureNatlink
    • This will install the python prerequisites for natlink, vocola, and unimacro: pip install -r requirements.txt
    • This will instal the prerequisites for caster and dragonfly. You can skip this when you install those with pip: pip install -r caster_requirements.txt

Main install instructions, targeted to Caster (as given by LexiconCode):

  • When you have no Command prompt yet: Start menu -> cmd (Command prompt) -> Run as Administrator
  • Probably you can now go to: cd C:\DT\Natlink\ConfigureNatlink and run, by typing python
  • In the config GUI:
    • Click enable Natlink
    • Click enable UserDirectory
    • Choose Caster directory as user directory
    • Quit the GUI
  • When the wxpython GUI window doesn't want to start: run the script by typing python (when you are already in elevated mode) or python (elevation is asked for).
  • In the natlinkconfigfunctions:
    • press e (enable Natlink)
    • sometimes you need r (reregister Natlink)
    • press n caster_directory for enabling the UserDirectory and setting it to the Caster directory
    • press q to quit
  • Then restart dragon
    • In some rare cases a reboot is required.

Vocola and Unimacro:

  • In the config GUI or (CLI) enable these packages. (With the CLI, type u for Usage).