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Firefox browsing, all commands



toggle numbers | give numbers | hide numbers | clear numbers

numbers on | numbers off

To switch on or off the numbers of MLB.

Unfortunately MLB only has a toggle to switch to another mode.

With numbers NOT shown the choose | follow commands still work!

follow {number}

new {number}

focus {number}

follow {number} context menu

follow {number} new tab

follow the numbered link,

open the numbered link in a new tab

put keyboard focus on the link

put keyboard focus on the link and open the context menu

open the numbered link in a new tab

next tab | previous tab

tab number {1-20} | tab [number] minus {1-20}

tab (number|minus) {1-9} {tabcommands}

{tabcommands} tab | tab {tabcommands}

(next | previous) tab {tabcommands}

Navigate the tabs.

Minus counts tabs from the right side of the screen.

tabcommands contains currently refresh and close.

next page | previous page

page (back|forward) [{1-20}]

{pagecommands} page | page {pagecommands}

navigate the pages inside a tab.

pagecommands contains currently only refresh.


The lists

  • tabcommands and pagecommands can be configured from the configuration file: call edit Firefox Browsing to edit.
  • The number list comes from a very complicated set of rules. When you call show Firefox Browsing you get a complete list of the grammar rules, including the rules that catch the numbers. Some small numbers do not react all the time. You can call for example follow 17 as either follow seventeen or follow one seven. Or choose 123 as choose hundred twenty three or choose one twenty three or choose one two three.