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Installing CbV (Click by Voice)

A splendid chrome extension written by Mark Lillibridge.

This extension can be installed most easily by following the steps below:

  • Also you can view this demo video on how to install this extension in chrome.
  1. Go to the extensions window of chrome (via button at the right top corner)
  2. Search for the extension "clickbyvoice"
  3. Choose "Add to Chrome" and there you are.

Once you have this extension installed, you need voice recognition macro's in order to use the extension by speech.

In his page click by voice, Mark Lillibridge shows you how to do this with Vocola commands.

It can also been done with commands in a Unimacro grammar, with is presented in this section on this website. But first be sure you have properly activated the grammar:

Activate grammar in Unimacro

By default this grammar is located in the subfolder DisabledGrammars of the Unimacro directory.

  • Please copy the file into the Unimacro directory.
  • If the microphone is toggled with Chrome in the foreground, the grammar should be switched on.

Check that about the following text is printed in your "Messages from NatLink" window:

Cannot find inifile: (...)\enx_inifiles\chrome_browsing.ini
take sample inifile: (...)\sample_ini\enx_inifiles\chrome_browsing.ini
===Created new inifile for grammar “chrome_browsing”
===Please edit this file by calling the command “edit Chrome Browsing”
 IniGrammar switched on: chrome browsing
_control, added Unimacro grammar(s): [‘chrome browsing’]

So if you want to edit you options of this grammar, say edit Chrome Browsing.

Now you are switched on, and on the starting point of this video: