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Chrome browsing, Click by Voice

This grammar makes it possible to browse (follow links) by number in Google Chrome.

Click by Voice

This grammar uses the Chrome extension Click by Voice (CbV) written by Mark Lillibridge.

If you do not have "Click by Voice" yet, please follow the instructions for installing Click by Voice and activating the grammar.

After you have done this, you should be able to use the grammar. There is also a demo video about starting up things and how to use Click by Voice with this Unimacro grammar Chrome browsing.

The most important commands:



show numbers | numbers on

switch on the numbers

hide numbers | numbers off

switch off the numbers

pick {number};

Take the numbered link


For more commands see all commands of Chrome Browsing.

Deze grammatica is ook vertaald in het Nederlands. Zie commando's Nederlands.

The lists

  • additionalonoroff, navigateoptions and pagecommands can be configured from the configuration file: call edit Chrome Browsing.
  • The number list comes from a very complicated set of rules. When you call show Chrome Browsing you get a complete list of the grammar rules, including the rules that catch the numbers. The numbers up to 999 are the easiest to call. For numbers above 1000 you should call the digits:

twenty three
three hundred nineteen
three nineteen
one zero two
three oh five seven

General options

In the section general of the configuration file you can set the default show numbers options.

Always combine with :+ . A combination of options is possible.

Current default is hybrid, :+h

Other possibilities are (combinations of):









hybrid contrast