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Configuration of tasks grammar

  • Say edit tasks to edit the properties of this grammar.

General options

In the section [general] you can set a number of options:

center mouse = T

Means after a task switch the mouse is positioned about 30% from the left top. (If set to F or 0 the mouse is not positioned at all.)

initial on = 1

meaning this grammar is switched on when NatSpeak (and NatLink including Unimacro) starts.

max icon number = 15

the number of icons you can call in the system tray. Set to 0 if you cannot want to call icons at all.

max task number = 30

the number of tasks you want to call with the task # command. Set to 0 if you do not want to call tasks by numbers at all.

max window number = 9

the number of windows inside an application you want to address. Set to 0 if you do not want to call windows inside an application with this command.

switchapps = voice coder; pythonwin; emacs; dragonpad; edit; idle


enable search commands = T

special, search selection or word under the cursor in the wanted application eg search two or search chrome.

split left right = 0.65
split top down = 0.6

specify the proportion of the task position commands, eg task two position right takes less than half a screen and task chrome position topleft takes more than half a screen in both directions.


Task starting/switching by name

You can set the list of applications you want to call with task application in the section [application].


calc = calc
calculator = calc
command = cmd
dragonpad = dragonpad
edit = edit
emacs = emacs
email = outlook
excel = excel
firefox = firefox; 2
idle = idle
internet = iexplore
komodo = komodo; 3
messages = messages
notepad = notepad
pythonwin = pythonwin
voice code = voicecode
voice coder = voicecode
winpad = win32pad
word = winword; 4
powerpoint = powerpoint

  • Applications are further specified in the actions.ini configuration file, OR referenced to by a number, the task number on the taskbar.
  • This number trick is only valid for fixed positions of tasks/applications on the taskbar. Separate the number and the application name by a ;. Het
  • The words on the right-hand side are builtin programs for Windows (like outlook), or are resolved in the actions.ini configuration file. Each application that needs more tuning has there its own [bringup app] section.
  • In the case where the numbers trick is used, the name MUST match the application name.
  • For example when edit is set to komodo, you can call task edit to bring komodo in front. task komodo works also in this example. For this edit example you cannot use the number trick.

[bringup edit]
name = komodo

[bringup komodo]
name = komodo

Positioning the mouse after a task action

With the variable center mouse (in section general of the tasks inifile, say edit tasks to control this variable) you can enable or disable this feature. It is demonstrated in the demo movie.

  • With centre mouse = T (or 1) the mouse is positioned 30% from the top left position of the active window.
  • With centre mouse = F (or 0) this positioning is not done.