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Making html tags

A simple grammar, which helps with putting HTML tags in a file.

Out of order at the moment, will be fixed in due time (oct 2011)



[HTML] Tag ({letters}+ | {tagname})

Make a HTML tag, by either calling letters from the international alphabet, or one of your predefined tag names.

Note the word HTML is optional (probably should be removed or made compulsory).

(Open | Close | Begin | End | Empty) Tag ({letters}+ | {tagname})

Make only the open tag or close tag, or make an empty tag.


  • The letters come from the international alphabet, so say Tag delta delta for a <dd></dd> tag.
  • The tag names can be defined in the inifile section [tagname] by calling "Edit Tags", for example:

Form = form
Header 2 = h2
Header one = h1
Java script = script language=“JavaScript”
meta = meta
script = script
special header = h1 class=“special”
table = table
table data = td
table row = tr
table header = th

Putting tags around existing text

As a special feature is included: if text is selected before you give a tag command, the begin tag and the end tag are placed around the selection.

Initiall Off!

Note this grammar is by default NOT in the macrosystem directory. It is in the DisabledGrammars subdirectory of Unimacro. In order to activate move or copy it into the macrosystem directory. Toggle the microphone to get it recognized.

Even then it is initially deactivated. Either say "switch on grammar tags" to activate, or set in inifile (say "Edit Tags"):

initial on = 1

Note that grammar is then on in all windows, because it's a global grammar. More should be done with the window policy if this should be avoided.

You can always say "switch on grammar Tags" or "switch off grammar Tags" to enable or disable on-the-fly.


When this grammar is going to be used, probably more refinements could be made.