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Specify actions

When you say edit show numbers plus (Dutch bewerk sjoo numbers plus), you get the configuration file in which you can specify additional actions. Current example:

close = <<windowclose>>
refresh = <<taskrefresh>>

For the first example you could have chosen:

close = {alt+f4}

But in some strange windows you need another keystroke combination to close it.

Unimacro meta actions

The Unimacro meta actions mechanism makes this window specific behavior possible.


In the example of refresh (refreshing a window), use <<taskrefresh>>, all examples are in the actions.ini configuration file.

Default is:

taskrefresh = {f5}

So with the {f5} key you refresh an explorer or internet browser window.

For Outlook this meta action is defined as (thus send/receive your email):

taskrefresh = {f9}

For my special case of a pythonw window with Unimacro in the window title (titles converted to lowercase) I have:

[pythonw unimacro]
taskrefresh = {alt+s}{enter}

With this action I rerun my program, which happens to be the most repeated action of this program.

Feel free to experiment with your own applications!