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More Number grammar rules in _number

These grammar rules serve as inspiration and code examples for use of the number grammar rules in more complex situations. See also for example the grammars and firefox

  • If you want to use this grammar, please remove _number from the Unimacro directory and copy _number from the DisabledGrammars subdirectory into the Unimacro directory. Toggle the microphone or restart Dragon.


This grammar is named number extended (in Dutch getal uitgebreid).

More grammar rules:

grammar rule


(Number <number>)+

dictate more numbers in one phrase

Number <integer> Trough <integer>;

dictate a start and end of a range of numbers

Pair <number> And <number>;

dictate a numbers pair





Number three Number four Number seventy

More numbers can be dictated in one utterance, in Excel these will be put in subsequent cells: 3470

Pair twenty three point six And thirty point five

Other tricks can be invented, like dictating a number pair: (23.6, 30.5)