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Number dictation (_number simple)

This grammar uses very smart grammar rules in order to speak virtually any number.

  • These number grammar rules can be used on its own (with this grammar), for example when dictating many numbers in your Excel worksheet.
  • This grammar serves also as an example on how to use the number grammar rules in other grammars, like Firefox browsing or _lines.
  • For more complex examples see number extended.
  • For instructions of implementing in your own grammars, see Use in other grammars.

Default name

The default name is "number simple" (Dutch getal simpel).

Basic grammar rules

grammar rule


Number {integer}

print the number you call (see customisation below)

Number minus {integer};

print a negative number

Number {float};

print fractional number with point or dot (Dutch punt or komma)


Easy examples:



Number one


Number three hundred twenty three


Number three twenty three

the word hundred is not needed, same result: 323

Number one two tree four five


Number minus one


Number three point seven



More examples:



Number oh thirty four

a number can have leading zero's (dictated as 'oh' or 'zero'): 034

Number minus twenty three fifty four dot fifty


Number three million two hundred thousand twenty five

dictate with the words million, thousand and hundred (avoid the word and): 3200025

Number three twenty three forty four sixty six ninety nine eight

dictate very long numbers possible (leave away the words million, thousand and hundred!the): 3234466998

Number one zero two zero three zero four zero

With single digits this rule sometimes seems not to work with a very long sequence: 10203040

Number three twenty one forty fifty six seventy seventy eight ninety nine eight

But surprising long numbers can be done this way: 32140567078998



For different applications the possible actions after printing the number can be customised. In the numbers simple grammar (_numbers you can customize this in the function outputNumber. (Please report any changes.)

  • In Excel each number is followed by a tab key
  • In different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) a number is followed by a tab key
  • In natspeak (DragonPad or the dictation box) a number is followed by a enter key.

Spoken forms

The number grammar rules use the numbers spoken forms mechanism.