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This grammar is developed after a question of Angela Wigmore about making special modes for MathML and LaTeX. For testing I included also a password mode.

The grammar is global command but at start only the control rule is switched on.



{mode} mode (on | off)

switch on or off one of the modes


The modes are normal, password, latex and math.

If you switch on one of the modes, the rules for that specific mode are switched on, possibly exclusive. See control variables at the top of the grammar.

Password mode

This mode has defined the rules: <letters>, <ucletters> (upper case) and the numbers rule.

So you can say for example alpha bravo Cap charlie delta and abCd should appear.

The numbers rule is a more complicated one which needs probably the always the word number in front, so dictate alpha number 2 Cap bravo number 2 hundred twenty three to get a2B223. As long as the mode is exclusive it is possible to experiment with leaving out the word number.

The lists

The different rules can use lists, which must be filled. This can be done in several ways:

  • the letters are predefined in ICAlphabet (in the super class)
  • the number parts are already defined in the superclass
  • the operators and the Greek letters (LaTeX and Math mode) can be defined in the ini file _modes.ini. Study the examples.


If you want to use the grammar in another language (Dutch, French), command words and list words have to be translated. The Unimacro IniGrammar*as this possibility, and most can be done in the appropriate *ini file. So if you go French, and you say the translated version of Edit modes, the French version of the inifile is opened, and you can put in all the translations of the grammar words and of the several list words.

For the letters some extra work probably has to be done in the superclass (

For the number part also extra work should be done, probably best first in the grammar _number. Most things should be adapted in the file


If exclusive rules are used a few special functions should be included in order to stop the exclusive mode if the microphone is toggled. See the source file for this.

Repetition/quasi recursive rules

Note the careful way the + sign for the repetition of rules is used. This way was adopted in the grammar _keystrokes. As this grammar can hit very often, it should be switched off when you use modes in a non-exclusive way. Be careful with changing this way of repetition.

Reuse of (translated) ini files

If you make a better inifile than the previous one, in English or in another language, and you are on subverion (SVN), you can leave this one in appropriate subdirectory of sample_ini. After committing others can profit from this.