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Each time when a new window is entered or when the window title changes, a check is performed about the "mode" the keystrokes grammar is in, and whether the grammar rules should be active or inactive.

Active or not?

In the ini file _keystrokes.ini look at the following section:

active = all
ignore = natspeak: mouse grid; emacs
exclusive modes = minesweeper

It means that in principle all windows should use this grammar. But there are a few windows ignored ( the rules are deactivated when such a window is in the foreground). In this example NatSpeak itself if the mouse grid is on, and Emacs.

For the special mode "minesweeper" the grammar is put in exclusive mode, see below.

Special modes

For certain applications a special mode, with extra keys is defined. Example:

python = pythonwin
vba = winword, excel: visual basic

This section tells the grammar that if pythonwin is found as program name, we should look into the mode python. If either Word or Excel is found as program, and visual basic is found in the window title, then look into the mode vba. (Window titles are all converted to lowercase.)

Defining general keys:

In the sections is [repkey] and [norepkey] keys can be defined to be active in all applications. A few examples:

Backspace = {backspace}
Cancel = {esc}
Delete = {extdel}

Context Menu = {shift+f10}
End Document = {ctrl+extend}
End of Document = {ctrl+extend}

Defining special keys for modes:

As first example take the mode vba:

[repkey vba]
Step = {f8}
Step Over = {shift+f8}

[norepkey vba]
Complete = {ctrl+j}
Complete OK = {ctrl+j}{tab}
Equal Sign = ” = ”
Minus Sign = ” - ”

For mode python you could define (only norepkeys here):

[norepkey python]
Assign = ” = ”
Complete = {alt+/}
Equal Equal = ” == ”


Also for several games this "modes" method has proven to be useful in making the game work with speech recognition.

I include here the example of minesweeper, with also adding exclusive mode, so only the keystrokes defined in this grammar are recognised.

minesweeper = minesweeper


[norepkey minesweeper]
top left = {extup 9}{extleft 9}
bottom left = {extdown 9}{extleft 9}
center = {extdown 9}{extup 4}{extleft 9}{extright 4}
top right = {extright 9}{extup 9}
bottom right = {extright 9}{extdown 9}
new game = {f2}

Exclusive mode for minesweeper

With the exclusive mode set for minesweeper (see section [general], above), we can ensure that only the words currently defined in this grammar are recognised. (work in progress for next beta release)