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Description of the _general grammar

In this grammar a lot of miscellaneous commands, (including some test commands) are brought together.

Searching for characters

For starting a search, or a discrete continuation, this command can be used.

The commands work together with the continuous search commands as described in repeat/searching. See there for more information!

This is a vulnerable mechanism, should be investigated more.


highlight <dgndictation>

Searches for the dictated text. Started as a one shot application for Shane Delmore.

The meta actions startsearch and startgo possibly need fine tuning for some applications, see meta actions.

Format variables



camel <dgndictation>

"camel top down" gives "topDown"

camel back <1..5>

the last words are cameled


You need to specify which formatting is desired, you can choose your own spoken word like "camel" above.

You do this by editing the _general.ini config file, say "edit general", and fill in in section:

camel = camel

  • The second word, after the =, is the trick, which must be taken literally from the table below.
  • The spoken word is before the =.

the trick

the action performed


var like this -> varLikeThis


var like this -> VarLikeThis


var like this ->


var like this -> var-like-this


var like this -> var_like_this


Task switching

Is now moved to the grammar _tasks

extracting information



give window info|information

this information about the active window

give user info|information

gives information about the current user, including BaseModel and BaseTopic

give Unimacro info|information

gives information about Unimacro, version, base directory


Hyphenate phrase (capitalized)

You can turn the last spoken phrase (or selected text), the last word or the last several words into all-capped hyphen separated text: (command will be inserted in release 3.7foxtrot, and 3.8)



Hyphenate phrase

Hyphenates the last spoken phrase OR the selected text

Hyphenate last (word | (2..5) words)

Hyphenates the last word or the last several words



John Smith becomes John Smith J-O-H-N S-M-I-T-H

Note: The clipboard is used by this macro, but previous contents are saved at the beginning of the macro and at the end restored again.