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Virtual drives

Like "drive letters" (C, D, etc), with this grammar also virtual drives can be defined, which have two or more lower case letters as name.

If for example your program files folder is C:\program files, you can define virtual drive pf pointing to that folder. For subfolders in the definition of folders (and also for definition of files) you can use such a virtual drive name.

For more consistency on different computers now also environment variables can be used, like %HOME% and %PROGRAMFILES%. So using virtual drive pf is identical to using %PROGRAMFILES%. See the page about these environment variables.

Other examples are md pointing to your my documents folder (also %HOME%), nl pointing to the NatLink folder etc.

You can define these virtual drives in the section virtualdrives in the file folders.ini (call edit folders).

When having different computers with analogous folder names, but different root folders, the folders inifile only has to be adapted for these virtual drives.

A new more powerful advantage of these virtual drives is the possibility to include all files or folders of a subdirectory.

On letter trick

When you have different computers on a network with equivalent folder structures on some drives, you can make a network connection to such a remote drive and use the on letter option. See detail page.