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Track folders history

With a special option track folders history, set to a number, this last number of visited folders will be remembered.

At each folder command, but also every second, the active folder, either in an Explorer window ("This computer window") or in a file dialog (like File open or File Save As) will be caugth and put in a list.

At the command recent folders the list is displayed and with choose # you can make your choice.


Future wish would be to have a background window that can display the recent folders list all the time. The I could implement the command recent folders #. Anybody who can make such a window, either in pywin32 of in wxPython? Or maybe in another way?


  • In the configuration file _folders.ini, you can set the variable track folders history to the number of items you want to have in your list:

track folders history = 20

Set to 0 or delete the option if you want to switch it off. From then the folders you call or visit manually are tracked.

  • The grammar folder uses the setTimerCallback function of NatLink, to visit the function manageRecentFoldersList each second. This time can be adjusted of course.
  • With the command recent folders a messagebox is shown with the list of recent folders. A special grammar handles this window. With choose # you can choose your option, or you can Cancel the window with OK or Cancel.
  • The natspeak dialog grammar (recent folders dialog) extracts information from the _folders grammar, so it knows how many numbers it should put in the {number} list.
  • This natspeak_dialog grammar is a Unimacro IniGrammar, and can be configured and for example translated. This has been done into Dutch. Simply say edit natspeak dialog (only after the dialog window has been displayed, otherwise the grammar is not loaded) to change things or say show natspeak dialog to show the options. (In Dutch bewerk natspeak dialoog of toon natspeak dialoog)