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Remember folders, files and websites.

Folders to be called can be defined in the folders section of your _folders.ini configuration file.

But it can also be done via the remember action, in combination with the "this folder" or the "sub folder" commands.

Whenever you are in an explorer or file dialog window, you can either:

  • click on a folder and say "this folder remember", or
  • say "sub folder subfoldername remember".

You can also position the mouse above the wanted folder and say "here folder remember"

For the second possibility you need to set the "automatic track folders" to true:

automatic track folders = T

After this command, you get a dialog window, in which you can specify the wanted spoken name.

Click on OK or press enter to confirm ("click OK" regrettably does not work in this dialog).

The folder with your wanted name is put into the folders section of your config file.


For files in a directory the same applies, but without the word "sub", and without extension: "file filename remember" or "this file remember" (or "here file remember").

You need to set "automatic track files" and also you can specify the wanted file extensions:

automatic track files = T
track file extensions = .py; .doc; .xls; .txt; .ini; .jpg; .jpeg; .png; .docx; .xlsx


And likewise for a website you are visiting: "this website remember".