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Edit text in DragonPad or even (for programmers) in emacs

NOTE: This grammar is a bit obsolete, because NaturallySpeaking introduced the dictation box several versions ago. Maybe the idea of the dictation box is even taken from this grammar!



edit that

copy the selection to DragonPad, for full Select-and-Say control

edit all

copy the whole document to DragonPad, for full Select-and-Say control

edit ready

in DragonPad: copy all text and paste back into the place it came from


The effects of these commands are the same as the dictation box in recent NatSpeak versions. They work very well, and can have some side-effects:

  • pasted text is automatically saved into text files (give the command edit edit, and edit the variables automatic log to file). These files can be used for later analysis by the NatSpeak vocabulary builder. (The ini file variable base log folder is obsolete.)

Logging and saving the messages window



log (that|all)

the selection or the whole file is logged to a file (see below for the precise location)

log messages

the messages window is copied into the special folder log messages in the Unimacro folder. As a side effect the messages window is closed, so emptied.


Files and folders the log files go to

  • all log files go to subfolders of the Unimacro folder
  • the files with the log that or log all command or the automatic log to file option on, go into the subfolder log xxx/user (xxx being the language code of your speech profile), and have names starting with texts yyyy mm, so each month the log file is refreshed. For the automatic log to file behaviour of filenames start with texts auto yyyy mm.

(Note that the folder xxx_log contains logs of all your utterances, if this option in the grammar oops is switched on)

Editing Latex code

Addition by Frank Olaf:



edit (that|all) latex

sends the text to Microsoft Word with latex syntax highlighting


Interaction with voicecoder

For programming purposes I experimented with different other commands. The most important now is



edit (that|all) (python|CC|...) code

sends the text to a file, and open this file in emacs


The grammar _lines makes use of this, by the command word emacs as simpleaction.

command (_lines grammar)


20 lines emacs_

20 lines are selected and brought to emacs, in correct emacs mode.

lines 10 plus 20 emacs_

variants, see lines grammar" and cooperation with voicecoder