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Brackets (put around text)

Note: this grammar is initially in the DisabledGrammars subdirectory of Unimacro. Copy the python file ( to the Unimacro directory, and switch the grammar on with the next command:



switch (on|off) brackets

control the on/off state of this grammar.


The grammar:



between {brackets}

insert brackets around the selected text, or simply put the brackets, with the cursor inside.

between {brackets} <dgndictation>

print your dictated text inside the brackets




result ( | shows the cursor position after the command)

between brackets hello world

(hello world)|

between quotes Cap my favorite test period just kidding period

"My favorite test. Just kidding."|

between braces space-bar another thing space-bar

 {another thing} | (put a space before and after the braces)

between angle brackets space-bar

 <|> (a special case, and insert a space before the <. Position the cursor between the angle brackets.)

between quotes brackets

"(|)" (more brackets together, and puts the cursor in the middle)

between HTML angle brackets

&lt;|> (special case, if a | in a brackets definition, the cursor is put in the place of this vertical bar)


  • If you put brackets around selected text, whitespace before or after the selection is maintained and put outside the brackets.
  • If you dictate space-bar at the start or the end of the dictated text, a space will be inserted before or after, but outside the brackets.
  • But note: first give the command words like between brackets or between single quotes etc.
  • Control your own set of brackets by calling edit brackets and editing the _brackets.ini configuration file (and see sample below).


You cannot correct dictation errors when you use the <dgndictation> imported rule. Select text that went wrong, and redictate. If then an error occurs, you can correct your dictate.

Sample configuration file

angle brackets = <>
asteriscs = **
braces = {}
brackets = ()
colons = ::
double angle brackets = <<>>
double quotes = ’””’
double underscores = ____
parens = ()
parenthesis = ()
quotes = ’””’
single quotes = ”’’”
square brackets = []
triple quotes = ’””””””’
underscores = __
vertical bars = ||
HTML square brackets = &#091;|]
HTML angle brackets = &lt;|>

initial on = 0

[grammar name]
name = brackets

[grammar words]
between = between

  • Note the vertical bar to give the cursor position in case of asymmetric brackets.
  • The grammar word between can have synonyms, for example between = between | inside
  • When the grammar is switched on, you will see initial on = 1.
  • For single and double quotes the definition must be double or single quoted, a peculiarity of the ini file mechanism.