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Word properties

In the original natlinkutils there was a list of word properties (like no_spacing_before or cap_next).

With newer versions of NatSpeak some things seem to have changed. In that word properties are defined, but these properties are redefined, together with some utility functions. Also a few flags have been added in order to fix/observe some changes in version 8 and version 9. As far as some trial and error has shown.

So trial and error gives a few results:

When you add a new word by hand, the properties will be: ['InternalUseOnly5', 'WordWasAddedByTheUser'] (hex number 0x20 00 00 01)

When you add a new word, and give it the properties "has no preceding or following space", you will get:['InternalUseOnly2', 'InternalUseOnly5', 'NoSpaceFollowingThisWord', 'NoSpacePreceedingThisWord', 'WordWasAddedByTheUser'] (or hex: 0x20 20 01 05).

The complete list of word properties:

wordFormatting = {
    ‘WordWasAddedByTheUser’: 0x00000001,
    ‘InternalUseOnly1’: 0x00000002,
    ‘InternalUseOnly2’: 0x00000004,
    ‘WordCanNotBeDeleted’: 0x00000008,
    ‘NormallyCapitalizeTheNextWord’: 0x00000010,
    ‘AlwaysCapitalizeTheNextWord’: 0x00000020,
    ‘UppercaseTheNextWord’: 0x00000040,
    ‘LowercaseTheNextWord’: 0x00000080,
    ‘NoSpaceFollowingThisWord’: 0x00000100,
    ‘TwoSpacesFollowingThisWord’: 0x00000200,
    ‘NoSpacesBetweenWordsWithThisFlagSet’: 0x00000400,
    ‘TurnCapitalizationModeOn’: 0x00000800,
    ‘TurnUppercaseModeOn’: 0x00001000,
    ‘TurnLowercaseModeOn’: 0x00002000,
    ‘TurnOffSpacingBetweenWords’: 0x00004000,
    ‘RestoreNormalSpacing’: 0x00008000,
    ‘InternalUseOnly3’: 0x00010000,
    ‘SuppressAfterAWordWhichEndsInAPeriod’: 0x00020000,
    ‘DoNotApplyFormattingToThisWord’: 0x00040000,
    ‘DoNotResetTheSpacingState’: 0x00080000,
    ‘DoNotResetTheCapitalizationState’: 0x00100000,
    ‘NoSpacePreceedingThisWord’: 0x00200000,
    ‘RestoreNormalCapitalization’: 0x00400000,
    ‘FollowThisWordWithOneNewLineCharacters’: 0x00800000,
    ‘FollowThisWordWithTwoNewLineCharacters’: 0x01000000,
    ‘DoNotCapitalizeThisWordInATitle’: 0x02000000,
    ‘InternalUseOnly’: 0x04000000,
    ‘AddAnExtraSpaceFollowingThisWord’: 0x08000000,
    ‘InternalUseOnly4’: 0x10000000,
    ‘InternalUseOnly5’: 0x20000000,
    ‘WordWasAddedByTheVocabularyBuilder’: 0x40000000,

functions to support this


NatLink returns the word properties of a word(as hex number)

None if word is non existent.


returns a list of readable properties (like the examples above).


returns the props number from the list again