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Module info

Functions concerning moduleInfo (this is a tuple of three which is always passed in the gotBegin callbacks). They can be used to check if someone know that this certain characteristics. Note that in most functions modInfo can be passed, if available. If not it is collected from NatLink.getCurrentModule.

You can get the module info and the progInfo with the command give window info or give window information (grammar general)



matchModule(modName, wantedTitle=None, modInfo=None, titleExact=0, caseExact=0)

Returns module name (program name!) on match and None on mismatch.

This is a variant on matchWindow (from Joel), but now you can also check only the module (leave out the other variables) and not the (sub) window of this module.

Module names are always converted to lowercase.

You can specify a window title or a list/tuple of window titles.

If you specify a window, it can be checked with exact title or exact case. If nothing is specified lower case strings are compared, and only part of the window title has to be given in order to get a match

matchTitle(wantedTitle, modInfo=None, titleExact=0, caseExact=0)

returns the module (program) name if the wanted title matches the actual title.


gives the module name of the module. ("pythonwin", "excel" etc)


returns program info as tuple (prog, title, toporchild)

all in lowercase, toporchild = 'top' or 'child'

if no valid program (modInfo0) ('', '', 'empty') is returned

matchWindow(criteria, modInfo=None, progInfo=None)

note this one is different from the matchWindow in natlinkutils

looks for a matching window based on the dictionary of criteria

criteria can either be a key with None as value, or a key with a part of window title as value (string), or a key with a list of parts of window titles as value.

special these are:

  • 'all' (everything matches, value is ignored, so normally None)
  • 'none' (nothing matches)
  • 'empty' (matches when no valid progInfo is found)

progInfo is a tuple: (prog, title, toporchild),

  • prog being the lower case name of the program
  • title being the lower case converted title
  • toporchild being 'top' if top window, 'child' if child window, 'empty' if no valid module

progInfo may be omitted as well as modInfo. For best performance progInfo should be given, otherwise giving modInfo is also faster than omitting it.