Numbers and Spoken Forms
Unimacro and Vocola
Cooperation with voicecoder
Unit testing
Grammar classes
Global dictation


I'm trying to do some interaction with voicecoder.

  • See demo movie on this interaction Unimacro with voicecoder
  • calling emacs from the native IDE of for example python (eg Pythonwin) for some lines of code. Edit with voicecoder and return, pasting back the results.
  • doing some actions inside emacs with Unimacro commands, which are easier than some voicecoder commands. Leaving voicecoder for the real dictation part.

On the activation process of voicecoder, and the interaction of Pythonwin with emacs, I made a little demo movie, see link above. Regrettably the part inside voicecoder is a very bad, because the recording program (Camtasia) does not work well when voicecoder is on.

Configuring the _lines grammar

When using the simpleaction command emacs, this one should call back to a HeardWord command from the grammar edit.

The command triggers the meta action <<heardwordemacs>>. This one has to be adapted in your file actions.ini (by calling edit actions). The action should be HW edit that python code (implemented for pythonwin, pythonw (IDLE, PythonCard)), or similar for other programming languages.