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Unicode characters

With the Unimacro shorthand command U you can paste most unicode characters to your screen, like Alpha, eacute etc. In this way with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Unicode characters can be printed in virtually any program.

In Vocola you can choose between quotes ("U delta") or parenthesis: U(delta).

See "section on Vocola and Unimacro when you want to use Unimacro Shorthand Commands in Vocola.

Simply put in aVocola commands file: "U delta" or U(delta).

Or put in some action in some grammar: action('U delta').

As a test put the following in your local (for example Word) or global commands file:

test command =
”{enter}Delta (as 0394): ” U(0394)
”{enter}Delta (as 394):” U(394)
”{enter}Delta (as Delta):” U(Delta)
”{enter}alpha (as alpha):” U(alpha)
”{enter}alpha (as 03B4):” U(03B1)
”{enter}Pi (as 03A0):” U(03A0)
”{enter}Pi (as 3a0):” U(3a0)
”{enter}Pi (as Pi):” U(Pi)
”{enter}wrong spades (??, other font?):” U(2660)
”{enter}Cyrillic capital letter NJE:”  U(040A)
”{enter}eacute:;” U(eacute)
”{enter}unicode ETH (as U ETH):;” U(ETH)
”{enter}ascii ETH (as A 208):;” A(208)
”{enter} ETH (as U d0):;” U(d0)
”{enter} ETH (as U 00D0):;” U(00D0)

Note the bottom 5 examples stop at eacute. This is a little mistake which will be corrected in the next version of Unimacro.

Graham Cole contributed the following list. It (or part of it) can be included in a Vocola commands file (say edit global commands or edit commands for some application)

Greek alpha = U(alpha);
Greek beta = U(beta);
Greek big beta = U(Beta);
Greek delta = U(delta);
Greek big Delta = U(Delta);
Greek epsilon = U(epsilon);
Greek gamma = U(gamma);
Greek big gamma = U(Gamma);
Greek lambda = U(lambda);
Greek micro = U(micro);
Greek omega = U(omega);
Greek big omega = U(Omega);
Greek pi = U(pi);
Greek big pi = U(Pi);
Greek psi =U(psi);
Greek rho = U(rho);
Greek sigma = U(sigma);
Greek big sigma = U(Sigma);
Greek tau = U(tau);
Greek theta = U(theta);
Greek big theta = U(Theta);
Greek zeta = U(zeta);
Euro sign = U(euro);
Euro abbreviation = EUR;
Equivalent sign = U(equiv);
fraction one half = U(frac12);
fraction one third = U(2153);
fraction one fourth = U(frac14);
fraction one five = U(2155);
fraction one six = U(2159);
fraction five six = U(215A);
fraction one eight = U(215B);
fraction three eight = U(215C);
fraction five eight = U(215D);
fraction seven eight = U(215E);
fraction two third = U(2154);
fraction two fifth = U(2156);
fraction three quarter = U(frac34);
fraction three fifth = U(2157);
fraction four fifth = U(2158);
Right Arrow Sign = U(rarr);
Double Right Arrow = U(rArr);
Left Arrow Sign = U(larr);
Double Left Arrow = U(lArr);
Down Arrow Sign = U(darr);
Double Down Arrow = U(dArr);
Up Arrow Sign = U(uarr);
Double Up Arrow = U(uArr);
Paragraph Mark = U(para);

Combining with other things

Next example shows how you can surround the Right Arrow Sign by spaces:

Right Arrow Sign = {space} U(rarr) {space};


Codes that are also known as "htmlentityrefs" for html are presented here: