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Natlink has been kept "alive" for about 20 years by now. Several other packages are built on top of Natlink, like Unimacro, Voicecode (now obsolete) and Dragonfly. And on top of Dragonfly, many people use Caster and Mathfly.

With the release of Dragon 15, now already several years ago, a few essential changes had to be made in the C++ interface, natlink.pyd, that connects Dragon with the python programs.

Starting in 2020, the support for python 2 has stopped, and "we" are transforming the code to python 3, which is now well under way.

Also, more collaboration is now taking place within the Dictation Toolbox, and Natlink and Unimacro are now two of the repositories in this Toolbox.

If you want to make a donation work all this work, you can do so via one of the buttons below. I (Quintijn Hoogenboom) will share the gifts with the core developers of Natlink, Unimacro and Vocola.

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Thank you in advance...