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Configure Andrea USB microphone

My favorite headset is the Andrea NC 181 VM USB:

  • fairly cheap (around € 50),
  • fairly comfortable,
  • fairly noise canceling,
  • and a good dictation result.

When installing the microphone, it was not clear whether the drivers on the CD of the delivery should be installed, or better not. Advice from many sides was, that the microphone works best on the Windows built-in drivers, and that's the CD that accompanies the headset should not be used at all.

However, recently I experienced that the sound of my dictation was very "nervous", especially in Dragon 11 on Windows 7. After quite a few experiments I come to the following advice:

Install the drivers on the CDbut switch off all special options

  • Note: this is especially for Dragon 11 in Windows 7. For other combinations the advantages may be less clear, but there is certainly no negative effect.

How to check and configure? (apologies for the screenshots in Dutch)

  • Go to the recording devices (right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray)

sound options in de system tray

  • Go to correct microphone (double-click):

choose the Andrea NC 181 VM USB microfoon

  • Go to the properties ("eigenschappen", with a double-click) and
  • Switch on the option below (in the Advanced microphone options disable all special Andrea microphone functions ("switch off microphone improvements"):
  • Click OK (finish the microphone audio properties).

switch on the special option in the Advanced microphone options

  • Then execute the check audio control of Dragon:
  • Note the microphone slider will move more to the top (the level on my computer is typical between 90 and 95).


Correct things

  • If you find above tab Advanced microphone functions on the computer, the drivers for the the Andrea NC 181 VM USB are installed the proper way.
  • IF NOT, please consult the next pages on how to correctly install the drivers.
  • If you already plugged in your USB microphone (this one or a previous one), then you should first remove the standard USB Audio drivers.
  • Then you can installed the proper Andrea drivers.
  • Finally come back to this page in order to complete your configuration.