Robert family

The Robert family

Louis Robert

This brother of my grandfather was a century ago one of the most famous organ players in The Netherlands.

Musicologist Lourens Stuifbergen wrote an article about him (in Dutch, pdf, 7mb) in "De Orgelvriend", November, 2015.

George Robert


This is my grandfather, my mothers father. He was organ player and conductor. From 1922 until 1955 he played the organ of the Bavo church and the Cavaillé-Coll organ of the concertgebouw, both in Haarlem. And he conducted choirs, mainly the COV (Christelijke Oratorium Vereniging) Haarlem from 1923 until 1966. From 1929 onwards until the early 1960's he conducted nearly every year the Matthew Passion.

In April 2017 Lourens Stuifbergen published an article about him (in Dutch, pdf, 1 mb) in "De Orgelvriend"

We have very few recordings of him, but...

end 2015 on youtube this recording from 1932 came out of the blue: George is playing César Frank on the famous Müller organ of the Bavo church in Haarlem. The first and for the time being only moving images of him: