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  • Britta Verboom, soprano
  • Lea Schuiling, violin and recorder
  • Rudi Grevink, oboe and recorder
  • Barbara van Riesen, cello
  • Quintijn Hoogenboom, harpsichord

The baroque ensemble Languia consisted of five musicians playing and singing baroque music for their hobby. As ensemble we are in search of the sound and style of the baroque era.

In September 2017 Quintijn left the ensemble.

Past concerts:

Oosterbeek, October 9, 2016

Langua gave a concert with works from all over Europe. From Early Baroque Italy, to Late Baroque Spain and Germany. We conclude with Late Baroque Italy with Handel, who spent several years in Italy.

Works by Grandi, Merula, Torres, Telemann and Handel.

Geervliet, Sommelsdijk, November, 2015

We brought music from the Italian early Baroque period, music from Paolo Cima and Tarquinio Merula, and 18th century Baroque music from Italy, Germany and England. Mostly cantatas, by Alessandro Scarlatti, Handel, Telemann by the Italian composer Attilio Ariosti. Ariosti worked, as a colleague of Handel, in Londen the last 15 years of his life.

In Geervliet we start the evening program with the Spanish cantata 'Oh, quién pudiera alcanzar!' (O, how can I reach?) by José de Torres.

Both concerts are concluded with the secular cantata 'Languia' (Desire), by Handel, written in his Italian period. It is this cantata the ensemble took its name from.

Zwillbrock, January 25, 2015

Sacred music from the Baroque era in the splendid Baroque church of Zwillbrock, just in Germany, near Winterswijk:

  • Cima, Triosonate
  • Heinichen, Nisi Dominus
  • J.S. Bach, Aria "Gelobet sei der Herr" from Cantate 119
  • Domenico Scarlatti, sonata (harpsichord)
  • Telemann, Cantate Herzbrechend is das Auchenbrechen
  • Vivaldi, part of sonata in g minor (recorder, oboe, bc)
  • Torres, Cantada "Oh, quién pudiera alcanzar" (Oh, how can I achieve), an impressive Spanish Cantata.

Wanneperveen and Oosterbeek, March 22/23, 2014

In cooperation with "The Oboe Band" we presented a program with mainly compositions from the German baroque period.

The Oboe Band played pieces from Johann Fischer and Fasch.

Languia presented a Nisi Dominus from Heinichen, a cantata from Telemann and two Bach arias, from cantata 58 and from cantata 166.

We concluded the program with the secular cantata "La Rosa" from Ariosti, an Italian composer who ended his career in London.


The Oboe Band consists of:

  • Age Hoekstra (oboe)
  • Rudi Grevink (oboe)
  • Cynthia Spencer (oboe and taille)
  • Germaine Anema (bassoon)
  • Hanne Feldhaus (bassoon)
  • Norbert Kunst (bassoon and double bass)

Zuiderwoude, Pianodorp, September 16, 2012

In this little village just north of Amsterdam we played four times, in the house of the family Dorgelo, Dorpsstraat 10. Here is the program (pdf) of these concerts.

Wanneperveen, 1 juli 2012

Our first concert was in the Dutch village Wanneperveen, on July 1, 2012